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Morgan Plot Page

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Morgan's Plot Page



Jackson Beckett

  • (X) Flirts with Molly while visiting the bakery
  • Bids on Molly at Bachelorette Auction (July)
  • pending


Alice Brewer

  • pending
  • pending
  • pending


Alexa Coleman

  • Having an emotional affair with Michael O'Shannon  
    • (X) Chats with Michael at the May Carnival
  • Busy month at work with wedding orders (June)
  • pending


Mel Davis

  • (X) Hanging out with Leigh (June)
  • Possible death in Nate's family (TBD)
  • pending


Nora Decker

  • (X) Flashback of the day Laura disappears 
  • Will be involved in evil Principle plot and dead girl found
  • pending
  • pending 


Dominic Grayson

  • (X) He and Cameron do a couple of YouTube videos together
  • pending
  • pending


Payton Howell

  • pending
  • pending
  • pending


Remy Kalb

  • Dinner party meeting Marshall's friends
  • (X) Lunch with Lara Miller
  • (X) Meets Christian
  • Florida trip (July)


Sadie Lennox

  • Podcast Thread
  • (X) Thread with Max Thompkins at Blue Painted Tap House
  • pending


Lottie Marlow

  • (X) Paige's bday party with Joe, Wendy, and Paige
  • pending
  • pending


Maggie Palmer

  • Dealing with Reed
  • Dinner Party with Cam, Remy, and Marshall
  • Punches Emma after witnessing her getting physical with Cam
    • Subsequently arrested for Assault
  • Busy month at work because June is Wedding Season
    • Bakery staff gets fancy dinner later to celebrate surviving


Paige Spencer

  • (X) Bday Party thread with Joe, Wendy, Lottie
  • Bids on Joe at the Bachelor Auction
  • pending


Cormoran Wells

  • pending
  • pending
  • pending






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