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Hayleigh Garrett

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Hayleigh Garrett
played by Grimm Solace








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The Basics

Full Name: Hayleigh Ann Garrett

Nickname: Leigh

Age: 28

Date of Birth: September 8, 1991

Birthplace: Silver Hills, CO

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Religious Affiliation: She's spiritual, but doesn't like to discuss it with people to whom she's not close.

Marital Status: Single



Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"

Hair: Brown with reddish highlights

Eyes: Brown

Complexion: Fair

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings: Two piercings in each ear.

Clothing Style: Lee loves skirts and dresses, and tries to wear them year-round. Even in the depths of winter, she'd rather wear long skirts with tights underneath than jeans. Her style is definitely vintage inspired.

Other: Lee doesn't often go without make-up.


Face Claim: Jenna Coleman



Leigh seems to be one of those sweet, dreamy people who is unaffected by the bad things that happen to her. The reality is that Leigh would much rather be kind and hope to have that kindness returned, than to put more negativity into the world. While crap happens in her life, just like it does in anyone else's, she actively looks for ways to resolve her feelings over the crap, or to actually deal with the crap itself. She's a doer, as much as a dreamer.


She's a great listener, and might have made an excellent bartender, if she hadn't discovered the metaphysical section of the library. Reading Drawing Down the Moon was a first step into developing a belief system that actually meant something to her. She's spiritual in a way that has her leaving little thank-you's for the faeries out in front of the shop, or in the green space at the apartment complex. If people think she's weird for it... Well, Leigh doesn't really care. Live and let live.




Hayleigh was the older of two daughters born to a small lower middle-class family in Silver Hills. Their parents were always busy working in Denver, so she and her sister Majorie (Fitch) were left in the care of their older cousin Molly. 


Leigh managed to get to her teen years without acquiring an interesting nickname, much to her disappointment. She hated the name Hayleigh, and very quickly shortened it to Leigh. She's still not entirely thrilled with 'Leigh' but hasn't figured out what she'd rather be called. Once she does, she's absolutely getting a legal name change.


Molly is awesome, and Leigh is still close to her cousin, but Molly just wasn't the same as having her parents around. Leigh took refuge in books, reading her way through sections of the library as she got into the mood. When she got old enough to work, she usually ended up spending her money at Inklings, or on clothes and make-up. Books gave her friends, and dressing nicely and wearing make-up got her attention.


It wasn't always the best attention, but a younger Leigh didn't realize that. She lost her virginity well before she was ready and ended up pregnant at fifteen. Leigh wasn't entirely an idiot, so realized what was going on when she missed a period. For the first time in a long while, she sought out her mother's counsel, and found herself being rushed into an abortion, with the instructions that she was never to speak about it to anyone in the family. While Leigh doesn't regret the abortion, she regrets the secret between her, Fitch and Molly.


Her mindset after the abortion is what led Leigh to the metaphysical books in the library. She wanted something deeper in her life than the surface pseudo-Christianity that her mother used to justify the abortion. Her mother wanted to protest the crystals, athame and Tarot cards that found their way into the house, but Leigh just went on about her business. She's pretty sure her mom decided that letting her daughter play at being a witch was the lesser of two evils.


College wasn't really in the cards for Leigh. She just wasn't interested. Instead, she became a certified gemologist and then a lapidarist. She also learned silversmithing. Leigh took her jewelry to The Wyrd Apothecary and began selling her pieces on commission, and got to know the owner. Eventually, she started covering lunch breaks, and then was working full shifts. Now, she runs the metaphysical book store. She still sells her jewelry at shop, but also runs a thriving Etsy shop, and occasionally does rune and tarot card readings.


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Other Family:





Job: Manager at The Wyrd Apothecary

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2016 Vespa Settantismo Primavera



Living Situation: Apartment

Address: 300 Taylor Street, APT 629

Rents or Owns: Rents

Lives With: Alone


Health Considerations

Smokes? Pot, both socially and as pain management

Chronic Illnesses: Endometriosis

Drinks alcohol? No, it exacerbates the endometriosis.

Allergies? None

Is Ticklish? Yes


Social Network


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