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Listings by Street

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Silver Hills Listings by Street


16th Street

17th Street

18th Street

19th Street

901: Silver Hills Drive In

2021: Cool Beans Coffee





20th Street

21st Street

22nd Street

23rd Street


1000: Sheriff's Office

156: The Greens



24th Street

Q Street

S Street

T Street


116: Silver Hills PD

118: SH Emerg. Dispatch

120: Fire and Rescue


2541: SH Junior High


U Street

Ashley Oaks

Big Sky Road

California Street

35: Erasure Cleaners

16: Matthew Barclay

22: Mel & Nate

28: Chrissie & Waverly

32: Michael O'Shannon

44: Zane & Lena

300: Antlers on the Lake

300: Lucy Russell

300-C: Cameron Russell

1809: Arabella Kalan

1834: Katie, Bax, & Bea

100: Silver Hills High

300: Silver Hills Library


Connecticut Avenue

Corcoran Street

Church Street

Decatur Pl

190W: First Baptist Church

215: Holy Smoke


843: Ashford Gourmet

178: City Hall

202: Clear Art Gallery

210: Silver Hills Jewelry

1902: Silver Hills Clarion

2300: Silver Hills Library


Florida Ave

Kalorama Rd

Main Street

Massachusetts Avenue

3210: SH Elementary

6215: SH Hospital


231: Civic Center

661: Curaleaf Dispensary

172: Pet Patio

195: Mesa Mexican

213: Cannestra’s

506: Maggie’s

512: Inklings Books

512: Marshall Thompkins

601: Gusoline Alley

732: Farmers Market

418: SH Theatre Co.

421: Blue Painted Tap House


New Hampshire Ave

North Street

Pinnacle Knoll Rd

Riggs PL

1501: Bombshell

1617: May Dance Studio

1654: Hylan Auto Repair

1834: Lucky Duck Day Care

102: Silver Hills Family Medicine

601: Burgess Ink

365: Paige Spencer

27: One of a Kind Antiques

32: Moda Bella Boutique


Rhode Island Avenue

Shellfield Rd

Swann Street

Sycamore Lane

639: Helena Dixon

1600: David Reynard

1601: Adam Kelly

1602: Niall Ferguson

1603: Daniel Gold

1605: Lance Peirson

845: Silver Hills Animal Rescue

1315: Molly Garrett

1401: Wendy & Lottie



Tracy Pl

Washington Street

Water Slide Drive

300-630: Remy Kalb

300-635: Alexa Coleman

300-700: Lara Miller

300-701: Sadie Lennox

300-702: Morgan Quinn

300-704: Alice Brewer

16: The Greens

74: Silver Hills Nursery


101: Dominic Grayson

102: James May

103: Maggie Palmer

624: Silver Hills Expeditions



Windsor Estates

Wyoming Ave



62: Payton Howell

84: Jackson Beckett

13: Silver Hills Animal Hospital








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