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Wendy Marlow

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Wendy Marlow
played by Sam



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The Basics

Full Name: Wendy Amanda Hargreeves Marlow

Nickname: Wendy, Manda, numerous dumb pet names

Age: 30 

Date of Birth: December 19, 1989

Birthplace: Peyta Tikva, Israel

Nationality: Israeli/Canadian/British/American (multiple citizenships) 

Sexual Orientation: Biflexible

Religious Affiliation: Jewish

Social Status: Upper middle/lower upperclass

Marital Status: Married to Charlotte Marlow



Gender: Cisfemale

Height: 5'11" 

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Complexion: Light tan

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings: Lobes, tattoo of "Family" in script on her ankle, some laceration scars, a bullet scar on her left side

Other: Fill in here.


Face Claim: Gal Gadot


10 Facts

Fact I - Was born in Israel, grew up in Listowell, ON, a small town of less than 5000 people working on her family's horse and dairy farm, constantly rough-housed with her two older sisters. Got teased and harassed for her foreign appearance

Fact II - Got incredibly good grades in school, but ended up with limited options and was faced with either working on the family farm or finding some other way of doing things. Luckily, the compulsory service requirement for the IDF meant she had to go overseas, worked as a combat instructor, and then returned to Canada after her compulsory service. She didn't want to go back to the farm, so she joined the RCMP's O Division after that and served the national police force for three years before taking a hunting rifle bullet in the line of duty and needing rehab

Fact III - Used her disability and the money she saved to go to Northwestern and get her degree in journalism, worked the crime desk in Chicago for a while, but the PTSD and constant pressure made her want something more sedate

Fact IV - Moved to Silver Hills and got a job writing for the Clarion, in the process of covering local news she met the Marlow sisters and got to be close friends with them, if a little more provincial

Fact V -Somehow that friendship grew into something more with Charlotte and the two became very close, finally just accepting they were in a relationship after curling up together on the couch one night. They were just so comfortable the logistics didn't matter.

Fact VI - Got citizenship in England so she and Charlotte could get married before the nationwide marriage equality act eventually went into effect. Upon returning to the states, applied for and got the vacant editorial position at the Clarion

Fact VII - Went along with Lottie's idea to fix up the dilapidated farmstead and spent two years restoring it, along with having some of the few fights they've ever had over their relationship. Was her idea to get a few horses, animals, and use some of the land for fruit groves so they could make extra money and defray their tax costs

Fact VIII - Has dragged Charlotte into several of her interests, including riding, camping, and several thrill-seeking ventures. Also pushed for them to get at least one of their three dogs

Fact IX - Still regularly trains despite having been retired from any kind of service for years

Fact X - Has a secret love for Katy Perry's music that she unsuccessfully tries to deny


Comments for Consistency

Fill in here.



Father: Joshua Hargreeves

Mother: Alter Meira



Natasha Hargreeves

Ashley Hargreeves

Samantha Morrison 

↳ m. (for married to above character) / c. (for child of above character) Name


Other Family:





Job: Editor, Silver Hills Clarion. Part-owner, Pegasus Farm



Fill in here.



Living Situation: A farmhouse located just off of main street in Silver Hills

Address: Fill in here.

Rents or Owns: Owns

Lives With: Charlotte Marlow


Health Considerations

Smokes? No

Chronic Illnesses: Not really, her joints act up due to injuries

Drinks alcohol? Wine sometimes

Allergies? No

Is Ticklish? Incredibly


Social Network


Charlotte Marlow 

↳ Wife



list here



list here



list here


From Another Perspective

For other players: Feel free to add anything here that your character might have to say about CHARACTER NAME HERE  








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