Katrin Morgan





Katrin Morgan
played by SAM



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The Basics

Full Name: Katrin Morgan

Nickname: Kati

Age: 30 

Date of Birth: February 15

Birthplace: Vail, CO

Nationality: American 

Sexual Orientation: Gay. So gay. So very, very gay.

Religious Affiliation: Agnostic

Marital Status: Single, but with friends



Gender: Cisfemale

Height: 5'6”

Hair: Blonde, but dyes it pink

Eyes: Blue-green

Complexion: Fair

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings: Black square on her wrist, lobes pierced, industrial through cartilage

Other: Fill in here.


Face Claim: Caity Lotz 


10 Facts

Fact I - Parents worked at a ski lodge in Vail, so Katrin grew up on the slopes and in the mountains. Life was well-off, but not terribly so, and she figured out how to work the tourists for money as she went. In the off-season, she explored the mountains and worked at her parents’ ranch for pocket money

Fact II - Has had four failed attempts to go to college, starting with writing and ending with a failed attempt at an MBA, with further failures in phys. Ed and health

Fact III - Came home every summer to work in the Rockies, guide tours, and continued giving riding instruction at her parents’ ranch in both English and Western

Fact IV - In between failed attempts two and three, got certification for Colorado Search and Rescue, started using treks into the mountains and forests to pay off her loans

Fact V - After failed attempt four, went full-time as a trek guide and, after a few years of guiding ski bunnies and adventure tourists around the mountains and woods of Silver Hills, she grabbed a few friends from SAR and started her own trek business

Fact VI - When Pegasus Farms opened up, supplimented her trek/adventure business with seasonal riding instruction, just like on her parents’ ranch. Also worked out a good thing with the owners of the farm where she can score free stuff from their distillery

Fact VII - Parents taught her the basics of self-defense, and has kept up with that constantly, especially after a near-miss call getting someone out of the mountains that turned out to be an attempted robbery. Also learned some more advanced techniques during failed attempts two and three at college

Fact VIII - Is slowly but surely fixing up a dilapidated old chalet where she lives with her friends and business partner. It’s sound, but not the best place to live at the moment

Fact IX - Is incredibly physical with most people, though she manages to keep up verbally

Fact X - Prefers her found family to her actual family, doesn’t really talk much with her regular family, who tend to think of her as a failure 


Comments for Consistency

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Father: Steven Morgan

Mother: Snorre Morgan



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Other Family: TBD





Job: Part-owner Silver Hills Expeditions/Riding Instructor/Search and Rescue team member



Ford Expedition she also uses for work



Living Situation: A half-finished chalet with her business partner and friends

Address: 1834 Big Sky Road

Rents or Owns: Owns

Lives With: (TBD)


Health Considerations

Smokes? And it's now legal in-state

Chronic Illnesses: None

Drinks alcohol? An impressive amount

Allergies? No

Is Ticklish? Best not to ask


Social Network


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