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Adam Kelly

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Adam Kelly
played by Lizz



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The Basics

Full Name: Adam Robert Kelly


Age: 27 

Date of Birth: June 7 

Birthplace:  Scott Air Force base 

Nationality: Korean/American  

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Religious Affiliation: Non-religious, but religions interest him. 

Marital Status: A sometimes strained relationship with a friend (Patrick) with occasional benefits. 



Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Hair: Dark, short, styled.

Eyes: dark brown

Complexion: fair, yellow tones.

Scars: none.

Other: Fill in here.


Face Claim: Daniel Henney.



Adam tries hard to please as many people as he can, and this moderately impacts his personal life. He wants to relax and enjoy simpler things, but his phone, his work, his friends, etc. won't let that happen.


It takes a lot for Adam to get angry, assertive, or otherwise  ballsy with anyone. He saw firsthand growing up what being like that caused. He wants to avoid conflict and just live and let live. 



Adam was born a month early to a nurse and a soldier, who seemed to use  the fear of hellfire for eternity to keep them together.  His mom was a second-generation  North Korean immigrant and his father was an aspiring pilot. The two argued about a lot of things, but they always tried to put it aside around Adam. 


Adam was ten when they divorced, and he and his mother moved to Loveland, Colorado, where some of her family  lived. He visited his dad a week or so out of the year, and mostly grew up a normal kid in a normal neighborhood.  


High school was different.  What you wore, whose music you enjoyed, where you  shopped and ate suddenly mattered quite a lot.  Kids scrutinized each other carefully  for weaknesses,  so Adam was very careful about keeping his curiosity about other guys under wraps. He was an academic,  but got along okay with most of the athletes, and befriended one of their shoo-ins for a scholarship somewhere better.


Patrick was behind in two subjects, and had an attitude problem. He was quick to cut people  down and was defensive,  but Adam remained patient and calm, something  Patrick didn't experience at home.  He sometimes had bruises, or had things missing or damaged. He never allowed anyone to go to his home. 


Adam had ridden his bike by Patrick's place once  to drop off homework,  so he knew why the act at school, the secrecy. The next time he reached out to Patrick  for friendship must have caught Patrick  at a vulnerable time, because  he broke down and told Adam about his life. After that,  Adam did everything he could to help him, and even Adam's family  joined in, letting Patrick live with them the last year he was in school. 


Patrick had developed some bad habits, costing him his scholarship chances and a falling-out with Adam, and Adam went on to become a professional landscaper/gardener, moving his business to the town of Silver Hills. 


Patrick had gotten clean and tried to straighten up, but had fallen on hard times.  Adam invited him up to work for him, and for a couple years,  Patrick stayed in Silver Hills with his friend. They both agreed that they were too different for a relationship,  but enjoyed other benefits of being  friends,  until  Patrick took another job elsewhere.  Now, it's just Adam and his business. 


Comments for Consistency

Fill in here.



Father: Robert 

Mother: Elise




Other Family:





Job: Owner of Kelly Landscaping 



King Ranch edition Ford pickup, kelly green



Living Situation: Alone, occasionally has a visitor or two.

Address: 1601 Shellfield Road

Rents or Owns: owns


Health Considerations

Smokes? No

Chronic Illnesses: no

Drinks alcohol?  sometimes 

Allergies?  some fragrances 

Is Ticklish?  not sure 


Social Network


Name here

Robert  and Elise retired to a subdivision Near Franklin, TN, and have a motor home and an annoying, hairy little dog they take to Destin, FL on occasio.



Patrick Doherty, friend since high school, occasional lover. Adam cares deeply for his friend, who is constantly trying to get Adam to be more empowered... just not when it comes to Patrick, and enabling Patrick's somewhat immature choices and behavior . He's a loveable fairweather person.



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From Another Perspective

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