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Bio Template

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First & Last Name
played by YOUR NAME HERE

 representative quote or lyrics here


The Basics

Full Name: Fill in here.

Nickname: Fill in here. 

Age: Fill in here. 

Date of Birth: Fill in here. 

Birthplace: Fill in here. 

Nationality: Fill in here. 

Sexual Orientation: Fill in here. 

Preferred Pronouns: Fill in here.

Religious Affiliation: Fill in here.

Marital Status: Fill in here. 

Love Language: Fill in here.



Gender: Fill in here.

Height: Fill in here.

Hair: Fill in here.

Eyes: Fill in here.

Complexion: Fill in here.

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings: Fill in here.

Clothing Style: Fill in here.

Other: Fill in here.


Face Claim: Fill in here.



Fill in here.



Fill in here.


Comments for Consistency

Fill in here.



Father: Name

Mother: Name



Name here -- please link it if the character has a wiki page. 

↳ m. (for married to above character) / c. (for child of above character) Name


Other Family:





Job: Fill in here. 

How do they feel about their current job?



Fill in here.



Living Situation: Fill in here.

Address: Fill in here.

Rents or Owns: Fill in here.

Lives With: Fill in here.


Health Considerations

Smokes? Fill in here.

Chronic Illnesses: Fill in here.

Drinks alcohol? Fill in here.

Allergies? Fill in here.

Is Ticklish? Fill in here.


Social Network


Name here

↳ info about their relationship.



list here



list here



list here


From Another Perspective

For other players: Feel free to add anything here that your character might have to say about CHARACTER NAME HERE  








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