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Alice Brewer

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The Basics

Full Name: Alice Lindsay Brewer

Nickname: Alice

Age: 24

Date of Birth: April 16

Birthplace: Denver, CO

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Marital Status: Single

Alice's Timeline



Gender: Female

Height: 5'10"

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Brown

Scars/Tattoos: None

Complexion: Tan

Clothing Style: Anything that's comfortable, and she defines that as loose fitting 99% of the time.


Celebrity: Daisy Ridley



Alice is pretty reserved around people unless she knows them well. In that case, she's much more outgoing. She's been described as being experimental in that she is willing to try things and see how they work out.  She is also a hard worker and will do whatever it takes to do well at the things she thinks are important. 


She is a big fan of horror movies. Her favorite is Scream even though it's technically a satire. She attends annual horror night events every year even when its not near Halloween. Additionally, Alice is a huge fan of all the scents and sounds that come along with Christmas. Her home often smells like pine trees and Christmas cookies all year round, even when she's watching the latest horror flick.



Alice was born to Joshua and Nancy Brewer in Denver, Colorado. A few years later, the family would grow by one more with the birth of Alice's little sister. They had a nice, middle class upbringing. Her mother worked as a high school counselor and her father as a school board administrator for one of the best schools in Denver. Since their parents worked in the system, Alice and her sister Libby also got the opportunity to attend, and both did very well.


Alice was always very close with her family, and even after she went off to college, she made a point of coming home often to see them. While in school, she double majored in acting and education so that she would have a way of supporting herself while she tried to become a professional actress. After graduation, she planned on moving off to New York City to audition for plays there. Sometimes, things don't work out the way you plan them.


Almost two years ago, both of her parents died in a car accident leaving Alice with the custody of her little sister. She sometimes thinks it's the most difficult thing she's ever had to do because she has never been very strict, and she is still at an age where she has grown accustomed to looking after herself but lacks enough confidence to try to look after someone else. In August, her sister will be going off to college and living off of a combination of scholarships, grants, and her portion of the life insurance and inheritance her parents left over. As such, Alice and her sister have been working on budgeting the money over the next several years so that, at most, her sister will only have to work part time while she goes to school.


Although she had plans of moving to New York City to pursue acting when she was younger, Alice doesn't know how much of that is possible now that she has responsibility over her sister. Her working plan is to see how her sister's first semester at college goes before making any further plans. Being a teacher isn't too bad after all. Besides, she has become involved in the local community theater.


Comments for Consistency

Fill in here



Father: Joshua Brewer

Mother: Nancy Brewer


Keira Brewer-- Little sister



Job: High School drama and fine arts teacher





Living Situation: Apartment

Address:  300 Taylor Street, APT 704  

Rents or Owns: Rents.

Lives With: Sister Keira


Health Consideration

Smokes? No

Drinks alcohol? Not often

Does illegal drugs? No

Allergies? None

Is Ticklish? Sort of


Social Network

Zane Quinn - Friend

He is very quiet and shy around her, but he is sweet and kind of cute. She let's him do his thing which she thinks he likes.

Magdalena Lawrence - Friend

She met Magdalena through Zane, and though the girl is quirky, Alice likes her a lot. She doesn't understand why people won't give her a chance.




"Sorry I didn't answer. I'll call you back soon."


Messages to Alice






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