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Daniel Gold

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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -- Walt Disney


The Basics

Full Name: Daniel Stephan Gold

Nickname:Danny, but he doesn't like it much

Age: 28

Date of Birth: July 5th

Birthplace: Silver Hills, Colorado

Astrological Sign: Cancer 

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Gay, but now slightly confused

Marital Status: Single



Daniel is kind-hearted with a warm personality. He spends a lot of his free time working with the kids in the community as well as doing other community based projects.  He can be very introverted borderline shy or closed off. He hates feeling like he's putting anyone out even when they've made it very clear they want him around or offer help. He enjoys being busy and hates sitting around doing nothing. His need to help and be consistently busy is what he believes caused Killian to cheat on him, and of course because that happened, he now has a depressing sense of accomplishment that comes with his efforts. Lately he's been morose and very very depressed.



Gender: Male.

Height: 194lbs, mainly muscle.

Weight: 6'1.

Hair: Light Brown.

Eyes: Blue

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings: A couple of small scars from his childhood, but that's it.

Other: Athletic build.


Celebrity: Chris Evans



Daniel grew up with just his mom as his dad left before he was born. They were really poor though his mom hid it well, and sometimes there was only enough money for him to eat that day. Still, he was happy with what they had and even more so when his mom got him a paint set when he was eight. Soon after he discovered he had a talent for painting and to help bring money in he sold his paintings on the street corner for whatever the people would give him.

When he was 12 things got better when his mom met and then Married his step dad. While not rich his step dad was rather well off owning several gyms. Here Daniel met his best friend and eventually boyfriend Killian Jackson. The two were fairly inseparable and loved to help around the neighborhood.


Killian got Daniel his first real painting job which led to him helping out at the local art gallery.  The owner was so impressed he slowly let Daniel take over managing the place and even supplied the money to add the coffee shop Daniel thought would bring in more business, which thankfully it did and after he graduated college with a business and art degree the owner gave him the deed to the shop. As they got older Daniel realized how poor he really had been growing up he started to spend a lot more of his free time working with kids and helping out his community instead of being with Killian. Things weren't going great but he thought he could fix it until a month ago when he came home to Killian with another woman. 


Daniel was heartbroken and had hoped to maybe get some answers as to what went wrong and how they could fix it, however a few days after the event Killian up and left town leaving Daniel super depressed though he is doing his best to keep busy and not let anyone know.


Family Portrait

Father: Tony Gold

Mother: Carol Gold



Single Child


Other Family: A couple of Aunts and Uncles, but he's not very close to any of them


Pets: A cat named Mr. Tibbers, it's the devil



Owner: Clear Art Gallery and Cool Beans Coffee






Living Situation: Three bedroom house.

Address: 1603 Shellfield Road

Rents or Owns: Rent

Lives With: Alone, thinking of moving


Social Network

Morgan Quinn  - Knows the guy

He doesn't know what to think of Morgan. The other guy is an ass of epic proportions who should not be sleeping with Lena, but he can't order her around like he's her dad so whatever. However, since the mess with Killian happened, Morgan's also been stopping by the make sure he's is alright without being annoying about it. So, he's not sure what to make of it.

Payton Howell - Best Friend

Great gal and super close friend. He had a blackout night drunk with her about two weeks after Kill left where they woke up naked in bed together. She made damn sure it didn't turn awkward, and he loves her even more for it. She's one of the great ones.

Lance Peirson - Payton's Eventual Guy

He kind of hates the guy-- not gonna lie, but he also respects him. Lance is an outspoken guy who knows food, but he doesn't have to make comments about the cafe every damn time he walks in the door. If not for Payton, he might have punched him once or twice. Thank God the man has no real thoughts on their artwork.

Zane Quinn - Employee

He adores Zane, but thinks his pursuit of Alice is...creepy, but cute. He understand the kid in a way a lot of people don't and only pushes when he knows it's for the best. Otherwise, he lets the kid do his thing. He's talented, and when he's ready to retire, if Zane is still around, the place will be his if he wants it.

Magdalena Lawrence - Employee

Sometimes he doesn't understand her, the fairy wings, the dragon costume...It can be a bit much at times, but he respects her and her choices. As long as she can wear all that without breaking anything or burning herself, he's fine with it. Also Zane adores her and he can't ask for more then that.



From Another Perspective

For other players: 


Pertinent Information

in town since » Birth though he has done a lot of traveling 

time spent away » A couple of months here and there that could add up to about two years






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