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Killian Jackson

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played by Katie


"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."

-- Dr. Seuss


The Basics

Full Name: Killian David Jackson.

Nickname: Kili, his parents were freaks. It's not his fault.

Age: 29

Date of Birth: April 4th. 

Birthplace: Post Falls, ID 

Astrological Sign: Aries

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Marital Status: Single, sort of 


Social Media

Twitter ID: @CoachJackson

Facebook url: /KJackson04

Tumblr ID:Jacksoninthehouse

Instagram ID: Coach Jackson

Pinterest ID: None



Killian is rather serious more often then not, he has a softer side to himself, but he normally only shows it to the kids or his best friend/ex-boyfriend Daniel Gold. He's not much for parties. mainly because he's know to make really stupid decisions when drunk, or really being social but he will be when needed, however most people find his serious and blunt nature rather off putting, but put up with him because of his love for the kids he teaches and his loyal and consistent nature. Which is why it surprised the hell out of everyone who knows him that he cheated on Daniel, he has yet to open up to anyone but why he did it or even what led up to it. Since the whole thing went down he's been more blunt and more then a little nasty to the people around him, he doesn't mean to be but he hates himself so much right now he can't help it.



Gender: Male.

Height: 5'9.

Weight: 184lb.

Hair: Dark Brown.

Eyes: Blue

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings: A couple of small Tattoos.



Celebrity: Sebastian Stan



Killian is the middle of Three kids, grew up in a loving family that was perfectly disfunctional on a good day.  Dad worked long hours at the big R&D building right out of town while Mom did the whole stay at home mom thing.  Older sister is a mechanic while the younger sister is in to anything arty and doesn't seem to have a direction in life, not that that bothers anyone in the family they know she'll figure it out eventually, their just that type of family.


Kili has always been in to sports boxing and wrestling are his favorites, but since no one else was really into getting hit over and over again he got stuck with Football which made him marginally happy.


When he was 13 Tony Gold moved into town and opened up a couple of gyms, one of which offered boxing classes which he jumped on right away.  Tony took him under his wing right away seeing the talent in him and soon introduced him to his step-kid Daniel. The two hit it off right away and were thick as thieves by the end of the day.


With Daniel at his side Killian felt like there wasn't anything he couldn't do and even though the school principal wasn't behind the idea at first Killian talked the man into opening up a boxing club with Tony running it at the gym, it was a huge success with Tony teaching it and making Killian help him with the younger students.


It was during this time that Killian realized he wanted to be a coach and started focusing on that goal as well as the goal of getting together with his best friend who he'd been in love with since pretty much the day they met.  Thankfully neither of those goals were to hard for him and he's been happy with his life since making those decisions, at least until recently when he made a horrible decision and cheated on Daniel, things haven't been okay since then.


Family Portrait

Father: Logan Jackson

Mother: Lora Jackson



Emma Jackson

Tori Jackson


Other Family: None that he's close to


Pets: Just the devil cat he's forced to live with



Job: Wrestling and Boxing Coach at the local High School





Living Situation: Three bedroom house.

Address: 1603 Shellfield Road

Rents or Owns: Rent

Lives With: Daniel Gold


Health Considerations

Smokes? Use to now he's in to that whole vape thing

Drinks alcohol? Sometimes

Does illegal drugs? Once upon a time

Allergies? None

Is Ticklish? Depends on who's doing the tickling.


Social Network



From Another Perspective

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Pertinent Information

in town since » Forever 

time spent away » A couple of months here and there for vacation 





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