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Jonas Pierce

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Jonas Pierce









 “Do anything, but let it produce joy.” ― Walt Whitman


The Basics

Full Name: Jonas Allen Pierce

Nickname: J

Age: 34

Date of Birth: January 27

Birthplace: Silver Hills, CO

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religious Affiliation: Agnostic

Marital Status: Divorced



Gender: Male

Face Claim: Ryan Gosling**




Personality & Relevant History

Jonas has always believed that you should live life with as much vigor and gusto as you can manage. He enjoys the way his life has turned out, for the most part tried to work and have fun with the same amount of effort. He knows when it's time to stress about thing, and he knows when he can relax.


He married his high school sweetheart after they were finished with college, and to this day he thinks it was probably the smartest thing he ever did. Although they are divorced, Jonas is pretty sure that he he saw any viable option for reconciliation with Paige, he would take it. Although they now live in different places, they stay in touch pretty regularly.



Paige Spencer - Ex Wife

A part of Jonas will always love Paige. She is sweet, loving, an kind beyond measure. She is also a worrier and a planner, and as they got older their personalities clashed more.








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