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Holls WP

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Holls' Profile


The Basics

preferred name: Holls 

preferred pronouns:

age: 35

location: Arizona

timezone:  Pacific

contact information: antigonesev@yahoo.com

best time to contact: Anytime



Writing Habits


preferred reply length:  At least a paragraph or something. 

how often do you usually post:

length of time before nudging me to respond: 2 days



Plotting Preferences

pre-plot or organic: Both work for me. 

romance: I'm good with romance, however Leni is faithful to James, and vice versa. I'm good with one sided unrequited love or any kind of stuff. I'm pretty flexible. 

violence: OK

mature content: OK but my writing of that kind of thing will kind of suck.



Free Style

 I love challenges, and I'm usually up for something to stretch my writing muscle. I love to talk plots!!

















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