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Katie WP

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Katie's Profile


The Basics

preferred name: Katie 

preferred pronouns:

location: USA

timezone: PST

contact information: cindlemain@gmail.com

best time to contact:  Anytime after 6:00 pm (PST) on the weekdays. Weekends are open.



Writing Habits


preferred reply length:  Longer than one sentence. 

how often do you usually post: Regularly.

length of time before nudging me to respond: After a few days.



Plotting Preferences

pre-plot or organic: Both, some structure is nice, but so is randomness. 

romance: I appreciate them, like to write them, but they aren't necessary. I like it to flow naturally. 

violence: I'll write it, but I prefer to work it out before hand. 

mature content: If it is for plot reasons and we've worked it out before, sure.



Free Style

 Add anything else you want us to know!

















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