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Morgan WP

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Morgan's Profile


The Basics

preferred name: Morgan 

preferred pronouns: she/her 

age: 33

location: USA

timezone: CST

contact information: bold4_ever@yahoo.com, Sweetchilit@gmail.com

best time to contact: Anytime. I usually answer pretty quickly. If I don't answer quickly. I'm probably asleep.



Writing Habits

preferred reply length: No preference as long as its equitable. Sometimes a post needs to be shorter, and if that's the case, don't worry about finding ways to lengthen it. 

how often do you usually post: At least once a day most of the time.

length of time before nudging me to respond: If it seems like I've skipped your reply, or after a week in general.



Plotting Preferences

pre-plot or organic: I like a little of both, and there are times for the use of each. Some of my favorite plots started out as one thing and quickly became another organically.

romance: I LOVE a good romance, and I like all kinds. Dramatic, dreamy, in between. Bring it on. I've co-written wonderful romances  that were both plotted and organic, so feel free to throw ideas at me.

violence: I'm fine with violence, although I prefer to keep it away from kids and animals.

mature content: I'm okay with anything we can't get arrested for.

anything you won't write: I'm pretty open about different stories, and my restrictions are already listed.

prefer big game events or independent stories: Both! They can feed each other.

favorite story lines to write: This is a hard one. I like focusing on relationships be they enemies, romantic partners, or friends. I also love adventures, drama, and celebration.



Free Style

I am an adventurous writer who loves a lot of different plots and collaborating with people. If you have an idea, let me know and we'll get it figured out.


RPG Times Where I Didn't Try

  1. That time I named my Mark Ruffalo character Bruce Green.



Forbidden RPG Items

I am not allowed to

  1. Name a character "Hugh Jackman, but a Mage"
  2. Name a character "Legolas, but buff"
  3. Give Maggie baby raccoons
  4. Make Ted Danson a character just because he's on the Good Place.
  5. Make Ted Danson a British character.
  6. Make Maggie the new host of Nailed It. 
  7. Saying things that cause Sam to go "Don't put that on the list."
  8. None of my characters can have a pet Baby Yoda.







Primary Characters



Secondary Characters


Award Stamps

Best Friend









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