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Silver Hills Rules


I know rules aren't fun, but these common sense items will make sure that every member of Silver Hills has an equal opportunity to have a fun time. If you ever have any questions, be sure to contact a mod and we will be glad to help.


1) What do I need to know immediately after joining?

Well first off, we are excited when someone new joins, and we want to help you out as best we can. We generally try to contact you within the first day or so after you join if you don't contact us first. If a few weeks go by, and we haven't heard from you we will remove you from the group and wiki since we don't allow lurking.



2) I have made a character. Now what?

When applying for a character or creating an original character, please use one of the character templates available on the wiki. You may use any version of the full character bios available. When finished, send the completed bio and a writing sample to us and we will review.


While we try to approve as much as possible, some original characters may have to be tweaked in order to better fit into the game. Character creation is a process, and we will be there the whole way to assist you.


Once you have been approved, add your character to the game by clicking the Create a Page link in the top right hand corner. Do NOT upload pictures to the wiki. Pictures must be hosted on another website like Tiny Pic or Photobucket.



3) What about powerful characters?

Characters should be game appropriate and playable. Simply Put: Do not create overly powerful characters, perfect characters, or characters inappropriate for the game's universe. Characters must have flaws.



4) How do I post?

Posting format for this game is Past-Tense, Third Person.

Example: Katie looked at Edward and Jim as she attempted to decide who she wanted to marry.


All posts should be labeled in the subject area with the following information: Game Date, Thread Title, Character, and those tagged. As long as players are cooperative with this rule, they are allowed to post in multiple threads with one character.

Example: 12/17 In the hall (Jessie) Tag others


Posts that were not completed during the Current Game Time should be labeled BP or Back Post.

Posts that exceed one year prior to Current Game Time should be labeled FB or Flashback.



5) What about that posting length?

We don't have posting limitations in terms of how much you HAVE to write. We just ask that your post length is comparable to your writing partner. In cases where a conversation between two or three characters might lead to one-line responses, consider creating a Joint Post through IM or email before posting it to the group. (Label such posts as "JP" to avoid confusion.)



6) Well how often should I post?

Post at least 8 times a month. Moderators will be checking on the first of every month to ensure that members are meeting posting quotas. Those not meeting quota will be removed.



7) What if I need to be MIA?

If you anticipate a leave of absence, inform the group as to how long you will be gone and, if for a significant period, make arrangements for your characters. Obviously we understand that things come up, but let us know about any leave time as soon as you can.



8) Respect other players. Period.

This can cover a wide range of things. Here are some quick items:

(1) Do not play in “god mode." (2) Do not "play" someone else's character without their permission. (3) Do not write BIG IMPACT stories (stories that directly impact all characters or cause a tonal shift in the game) without discussion and agreement with all parties. (4) Do not harass, "flame," or insult players on or off board. (5) Respect designated plot and story limits. (6) Don't limit your writing to only "Love interests" or "cliques."


If a problem does arise related to these or other issues, let a moderator know if it cannot be resolved between the players.



9) What if I want to Advertise my Game/Blog/Website/Diet Items/ Makeup/ etc.?

Do not spam the members of this game with unsolicited or unrelated emails. Don't join to harvest emails. If you wish to advertise a game, please contact a moderator to discuss placing game links on the wiki Link section.



10) What if I join, but determine that Silver Hills isn't for me?

That does happen! If you don't feel like you "fit" or otherwise have to leave the group, just let us know what you want us to do with your characters. If you don't let us know, the mods will determine the best course of action for the character(s) which can include writing them out, placing them up for adoption, or making them an NPC.



11) What about sensitive topics?

Sensitive subject matters, including violence, sex, and other mature themes, must be labeled appropriately.



12) Is that it?

Pretty much. Silver Hills is about writing and having fun.






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