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Silver Hills Timeline



May 2019

-- 05/28/2019  Dealing with the Monstrosity Christian Hunt w/ Paige Spencer.

-- 05/26/2019  Text Message Maggie Palmer w/ Open.

-- 05/22/2019  Hot As Hell Melanie Davis w/ David Reynard.

-- 05/14/2019  Hey, Cuz! Marshall Thompkins w/ Maxwell Thompkins

-- 05/13/2019  Monday Morning Jackson Beckett w/ Matthew Barclay.

-- 05/12/2019  Text Message Marshall Thompkins w/ Remy Kalb.

-- 05/12/2019  Text Message Maggie Palmer w/ Marshall Thompkins.

-- 05/06/2019  Regularly Scheduled Dinner Date Niall Ferguson w/ Dave Reynard.

-- 05/05/2019  Strolling the Carnival Mel Davis w/ Nathan Abramovih.

-- 05/04/2019  May the Fourth Be With You Alice Brewer w/ Lena Lawrence, Zane Quinn.


April 2019

-- 04/18/2019  Mutual Admiration Society Cameron Russell w/ Dominic Grayson.

-- 04/16/2019  No More Borsh Yana Kunznetsov w/ Nathan Abramovich, Melanie Davis.

-- 04/16/2019  New Client Yana Kuznetsov w/ Maggie Palmer.

-- 04/15/2019  Tax Day Melanie Davis w/ Nathan Abramovich.

-- 04/15/2019  Cup of Joe and a Donut...Or Two Michael O'Shannon w/ Alexa Coleman.

-- 04/14/2019  Afternoon at the Park Maggie Palmer w/ Adam Kelly.

-- 04/13/2019  Afternoon Walk Paige Spencer w/ Joe Fraser.

-- 04/13/2019  Too Old to Change My Mind Maggie Palmer, Roger Miller w/ Leni Dixon.

-- 04/12/2019  Long Time No See Joseph Fraser w/ Lottie Marlow, Wendy Marlow.

-- 04/11/2019  Weird Work Habits Chrissie Hallinan w/ Waverly Burgess.

-- 04/11/2019  Abandoned At Gusoline Alley Leni Dixon w/ Alexa Coleman.

-- 04/10/2019  Six Month Check Up Cameron Russell w/ Lara Miller

-- 04/09/2019  New Ink Day Waverly Burgess, Marshall Thompkins w/ Leni Dixon.

-- 04/08/2019  Monday Morning Coffee Lottie Marlow w/ Open.

-- 04/06/2019  Dinner Date Maggie Palmer w/ Lucy Russell, Open.

-- 04/06/2019  That's Art... I Think Remy Kalb w/ Marshall Thompkins.

-- 04/05/2019  Belated Birthday Drinks Lara Miller w/ Katrin Morgan, Open.

-- 04/05/2019  Back at Last Payton Howell w/ Morgan Quinn, Lance Peirson.


March 2019

-- 03/17/2019  I'm Not Drinking Green Beer Maggie Palmer, Sadie Lennox w/ Open.

-- 03/15/2019  Someone Should Take Away my Paring Knife Maggie Palmer w/ Jackson Beckett.

-- 03/15/2019  Spring Festival Alexa Coleman w/ any.

-- 03/10/2019  Stress Release Lucy Russel w/ any.

-- 03/03/2019  Text Message Maggie Palmer w/ Marshall Thompkins.


February 2019

-- 02/28/2019  Text Message Maggie Palmer w/ Lucy Russell.

-- 02/23/2019  Camping Sadie Lennox w/ Lucy Russell.

-- 02/22/2019  Last Minute Details Maggie Palmer w/ Open.

-- 02/19/2019  Rotary Meeting Jackson Beckett w/ Calla Edwards.

-- 02/16/2019  In Memoriam  Marshall Thompkins w/ Maggie Palmer, Cameron Russell, Adam Kelly.

-- 02/14/2019  Tacos and Tequila Paige Spencer w/ Adam Kelly.

-- 02/14/2019  Text Message Lucy Russell w/ Sadie Lennox.

-- 02/14/2019  Text Message Maggie Palmer w/ Lucy Russell.

-- 02/13/2019  Text Message Wendy Marlow w/ Charlotte Marlow.

-- 02/05/2019  An EMT Walks into a Bakery Baz Navarro w/ Maggie Palmer.

-- 02/05/2019  A Late White Christmas Lottie Marlow w/ Katrin Morgan.

-- 02/05/2019  Snowy Delivery Alexa Coleman w/ Cameron Russell.

-- 02/05/2019  Why Me? Lucy Russell w/ Jackson Beckett.

-- 02/05/2019  Text Message Maggie Palmer w/ Marshall Thompkins.

-- 02/05/2019  Text Message Maggie Palmer w/ Lucy Russell.

-- 02/05/2019  Curling Up With A Good Book Remy Kalb w/ Marshall Thompkins.

-- 02/05/2019  Snow and Shots Sadie Lennox w/ Chrissie Hallinan

-- 02/04/2019  Ice, Ice Baby Delilah Carter w/ Marshall Thompkins.


January 2019

-- 01/22/2019  A Laid Back Kind of Outing Baz Navarro w/ Remy Kalb.

-- 01/19/2019  Denver Trip Maggie Palmer w/ Lucy Russell

-- 01/16/2019  Just Some Brunch Paige Spencer w/ Wendy Marlow.

-- 01/14/2019  City Council Meeting Scott Rigby w/ Nathan Forrester, Paige Spencer, Wendy Marlow.

-- 01/13/2019  Grocery Shopping Maggie Palmer w/ Bee Curiel.

-- 01/12/2019  Morning Role Reversals Lottie Marlow w/ Wendy Marlow.

-- 01/10/2019  Cafe Seule  Adrian Farley.

-- 01/10/2019  Unkinking Katrin Morgan w/ Bee Curiel.

-- 01/10/2019  Grabbing Some Grub Remy Kalb w/ Sebastian Navarro.

-- 01/08/2019  Group Texts Maggie Palmer w/ Lucy Russel, Chrissie Hallinan.

-- 01/08/2019  Rotary Meeting  Jackson Beckett w/ Open.

-- 01/07/2019  Cam Has a What Cameron Russell w/ Maggie Palmer.

-- 01/07/2019  Text Message Maggie Palmer w/ Lucy Watkins.

-- 01/05/2019  Text Message Lottie Marlow w/ Wendy Hargreeves-Marlow.

-- 01/05/2019  Desk's Closed Lucy Watkins w/ Cameron Russell.

-- 01/04/2019  Text Message Lucy Watkins w/ Maggie Palmer.

-- 01/04/2019  Free Friday Nights Maggie Palmer.

-- 01/01/2019  Text Messages Maggie Palmer w/ Lucy Russel.

-- 01/01/2019  The Morning After  Maggie Palmer w/ Mark Nolan.


December 2018

-- 12/31/2018  Bang! Jenna Rogers w/ Robert Hunter, Nathan Forester.

-- 12/23/2018  Charity Night Alexa Coleman w/ Nathan Forester.

-- 12/23/2018  Stuck in Small Places Alice Brewer w/ Zane Quinn.

-- 12/21/2018  Early Mornings Maggie Palmer w/ Nathan Forester, Westley James.

-- 12/20/2018  Take Care Talulah Williams w/ Nathan Forester.

-- 12/19/2018  Blessed Coffee Sebastian Navarro w/ Comoran Wells.

-- 12/17/2018  Monday Mornings Jackson Beckett w/ Katrin Morgan.

-- 12/17/2018  Taken Care Of Wendy Marlow w/ Lottie Marlow.

-- 12/16/2018  Eight Days to Christmas Lucy Watkins w/ Maggie Palmer.










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