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Character Breakdowns

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Silver Hills Character Breakdown



Character Age Sexuality Profession
Nathan Abramovich 33 Bisexual Freelance Translator
Matthew Barclay 25 Uncertain Owner of Silver Hill Jewelry
Jackson Beckett
Bisexual City Attorney
Waverly Burgess 28 Bisexual Tattoo Artist
Breanna Carstairs 39 Asexual Medical Examiner
Alexa Coleman 21 Heterosexual Works at Maggie's Bakery
Beatriz Curiel 27 Bisexual Dancer with Wonderbound
Melanie Davis 27 Bisexual Owner of Holy Smoke
Nora Decker 37 Heterosexual Piano Teacher, Professional Dominatrix
Helena Dixon 35 Heterosexual Nurse at...
Nial Ferguson 37 Pansexual Librarian
Joseph Fraser 33 Heterosexual Writer
Fitch Garrett 24 *shrugs* Bud Master
Leigh Garrett
Manager of Wyrd Apothecary
Molly Garrett 38 Bisexual Works at Maggie's and Silver Hills Nursery
Daniel Gold 28 Homosexual Owner of Clear Art Gallery. Artist
Reed Graham 33 Heterosexual Lawyer
Dominic Grayson 41 Demisexual Food Critic and YouTuber
Chrissie Hallinan 26 Bisexual Trauma cleaner/hoarding disposal
Payton Howell 30 Heterosexual Fashion Buyer
Christian Hunt 50 Bisexual Club Owner
Arabella Kalan 35 Bisexual PENDING
Remy Kalb 27 Bisexual Nurse at Silver Hills Family Medicine
Adam Kelly 27 Homosexual Landscaper
Yana Kuznetsov 36 Pansexual Graphic Designer
Magdalena Lawrence 23 Bisexual Cafe Manager at Cool Beans Coffee
Sadie Lennox 26 Homosexual Mixologist
Charlotte Marlow
27 Bisexual Jewelry Designer
Wendy Marlow 30 Bisexual Editor
James May 31 Heterosexual Owner of May Dance Studio, Dancer
Lara Miller 31 Heterosexual Primary Care Doctor at Silver Hills Family Medicine
Katrin Morgan 30 Homosexual Part-owner in Silver Hills Expeditions
Sebastian Navarro 35 Demisexual Part-owner in Silver Hills Expeditions
Michael O'Shannon 37 Heterosexual Deputy
Maggie Palmer
28 Heterosexual Bakery owner
Lance Peirson 31 Heterosexual Chef at Ashford Gourmet
Morgan Quinn 31 Bisexual Bartender at Ashford Gourmet
Zane Quinn 24
Heterosexual Assistant Manager at Clear Art Gallery
David Reynard 36 Homosexual Cook at Holy Smoke, Part-time Psychic
Cameron Russell 28
Chef at Antlers on the Lake
Paige Spencer 34 Heterosexual Mayor of Silver Hills
Peter Steele
Marshall Thompkins 27
Owner of Inklings Bookstore
Maxwell Thompkins 36 Homosexual Beautician
Maya Ustinov 32 Demisexual Assistant Medical Examiner/Forensic Pathologist
Lucy Watkins 27 Bisexual Works at Antlers on the Lake
Cormoran Wells


Agriculture & Resources
Architecture & Construction
Arts & Communication
Business, Management, Finance
Education & Training
Government Medicine
Hospitality, Tourism, & Sports
Human Services
Law & Public Safety
Manufacturing Retail & Customer Services Restaurant Service Science & Engineering Veterinarian




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