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Current Game Time

Game Time: May 2019

Next Change:  August 1, 2020


Local Events

05/01 - 05/05 - May Day Carnival

05/04 - Star Wars Day

05/05 - Cinco de Mayo

05/12 - Mother's Day

05/27 - Memorial Day


May Birthdays

11 - Jackson Beckett

27 - Paige Spencer




Character Spotlight


 The Mountains are Calling... 

Silver Hills, Colorado is known for its friendly small town population and its quiet charm. Located within driving distance of Denver, the mountainous view serves as a vacation destination for tourists from all over the world.


Enjoy a peaceful stay at Antlers on the Lake Bed and Breakfast, and rise in the morning ready for your personalized Colorado adventure. Get acquainted with the clear lakes, snowy mountain tops, and numerous hiking trails. After a day of exploring Mother Nature's vast playground, start your evening off at one of Silver Hill's many fine dining options. Don't forget about the night cap at any of our wineries or bars.


Despite being seen as a popular holiday spot for out of town tourists, Silver Hills has managed to maintain its charm as larger, more populated areas have developed around the. Over the past decade, the town population torn had more and more frequently debated the decision to maintain its charm and small town values, or developing into a resort city with casinos and ski lodges, no one can wonder why conflict occasionally arises.


With no foreseeable end of the debate in sight, the local citizens continue trying to define their small corner of the world.






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